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CBH Coatings manufacture a range of brick and concrete paving sealers for all commercial and domestic situations. We have high quality surface sealers suitable for liquid limestone, reconstituted limestone paving, clay brick and concrete paving. These are great for pools, entertaining areas, driveways and pathways as well as natural and reconstituted limestone walls.

Available in matt, satin and gloss.

We have an invisible sealer that totally protects against staining without changing the look of your paving, a low sheen finish through to a gloss ‘wet look’ to enhance the natural beauty of your product.

Our sealers are available for D.I.Y. projects, or if you opt for professional installation we will pressure clean your paving to 4,500 P.S.I to ensure it is absolutely clean, followed by two coats of our ‘Easy Seal’. ‘Easy Seal’ provides absolute protection against stains and spillages at all times from almost all household items. Whatever you decide to do, you are guaranteed a top quality product that actually works!

If installing yourself, you can purchase from us at warehouse prices, which means you save money anytime you buy from CBH Coatings.

Just send us an email and we will be in touch with all the advice you need to make your decision.

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