Epoxy / Urethane Floors

Epoxy & Resinous Floors

CBH design and install seamless epoxy floors and polyurethane flooring systems to withstand repeated wear and tear, aggressive chemical attack and mechanical stress for the automotive, food, mining, marine and retail industries.

We will work with your engineer, architect or builder to design the best possible system, tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Our epoxy floors not only offer superior durability, they are also non-slip, very easily cleaned and resistant to most chemicals, oils, fats and greases.

We carry out all own preparation, which can include mechanical diamond grinding, epoxy mortar filling and cementitious surface levelling, in order to achieve the best surface for adhesion. When we are totally satisfied with the result we apply the best possible flooring system.

Our floors are available in a huge colour range as well as some clear finishes which highlight exposed aggregate, ideal for some retail and commercial situations.

For the Automative Industry we offer a solution for old Workshop floors, bring them back to new again - an amazing tranformation that we will guarantee for life against peeling. We completely strip out old oil and grease, diamond grind the concrete to get a good key and apply our epoxy\polyurethane system - the results are a high gloss non slip finish that will transform the work environment to a clean modern and inviting place to be.

Browse through our pictures and then contact us for a free consultation – you won’t be disappointed.

Seamless epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems. Chemically hard floors.